04 October 2008

Nike Tiempo Super Ligera

Seems like Nike turns their attention towards retro boots lately, they've just introduced the new Nike Tiempo Super Ligera boots, another series of old-school football boots after the Air Legend & R10 series.

Firm Ground

Soft Ground

The Super Ligera reminds me of the initial R10 series, which look like this:

The difference would be the tongue on the lacing and the studs, and the rest I guess there isn't much difference. Another Nike marketing gimmick.

I'm not sure whether these will be replacing the Air Legend series, but it's kinda unlikely because the Air Legend series are doing pretty well lately. It would be nice as an alternative for those who wants style and class between the Air Legend & R10 series. 

Personally I liked this boots, Nike seems to be doing better and better introducing the retro-styled boots, which is getting more popular among the amateur and professional footballers alike.


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