06 October 2008

Gundam 00 season 2

Just finished watching the raw video of the much anticipated 2nd season, 1st episode of Gundam 00.

00 Gundam, the protagonist of the series.

So... how is it? 

The first episode itself rocked entirely! Even if you haven't follow the 1st season, you'll still be impressed by the sheer quality of the anime itself, although you may have missed out a few key points in the storyline as this 2nd season carry forward what happened back in 1st season.

A lot of previous characters are reintroduced in the 1st episode, as well as a few new faces around. 

A Gundam anime wouldn't be completed if there wasn't any mobile suits battle. Believe me, the battle scenes in this episode rocks over the roof top!! There's such an excitement watching those machines fighting each others, heh.

The antagonist' mobile suits. The red AHEAD is a kick-ass stuff although it looks dull. The blue suits are previous season's antagonist, now obsolete suits.

Words hardly can express my feeling on this episode, unless you watch it yourself. 

The good news is, there's this guy who uploaded the entire episode onto Youtube. But the bad news is, sooner or later this account will be deleted, so watch while you still can!

The opening is impressive as well, great song and showcasing the characters and mobile suits from the anime itself, hinting possible upcoming battles with some old foes.

I'll be eagerly looking forward for the next episode! Oh yeah!

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