30 September 2008

Japanese Embassy

Went to the Japanese Embassy with father this afternon to look out for more info regarding scholarships. This is my first time visits an embassy, heh.

After the security check, went ahead to the information department to ask about studying in Japan. There's this Ms Yin attending us, answering our questions on studying over there.

According to last year's statistics, the scholarship given by the Japanese government not easy to get, with hundreds of applications, at the end only 5 were granted the scholarship.

The process of getting this scholarship starts from application forms as usual. By this they'll check on your academic & co-curricular achievements before asking you to take part in a test exam. Among those who passed the exam, they'll be shorlisted for an interview, before waiting fate to decide whether you're eligible to secure the pretigeous scholarship or not.

I think I'm likely to go for private scholarships instead of the government one, as there'll be a delay of a year in this case.

Besides, for me who wants to apply for an art course, is even harder to get a scholarship as they prefer science students. I've make it clear that I'm unlikely to take up science course for university in order to pursuit in musical field.

Studying in Japan, is quite an investment. You know the end result would be good but before that you must have an amount of money to cover all the expenses living there. The living cost exceeds the university tuition fee, mind you.
I've asked, the cheapest meal there would cost ~MYR 9 (convert from JPY/yen). As much as I like to eat, but if the cost is too high, it'll be crazy!

So in order to cover the cost, working part-time there seems to be a workable solution. I'm expected myself to work in part-time should I had the chance to study over there.

I've been given a few websites which I can refer to, I'll update it later when I get home. Currently I'm writing this at my mother's office.

Studying in Japan is my ultimate goal, but like any other things in life, you've to work hard for it! Well of course, knowing a few more contacts over the network would be, slightly advantageous?

Alright, here's a few useful links that I got it at the embassy.

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