30 September 2008

Late Night

I'm very tired now, but I can't offline because I'm downloading an album. It's not instrumental nor orchestral, it's a vocal so I hope this would be a worthwhile investment in terms of my sleeping time.

According to the download stats, I need to wait for another hour, sigh.... It's 1.17am now, which means I can only goto my bed around 2.30am. 

So today can say is my last lesson in college, not many people turn out but at least there're more than what I expect. Didn't attend the last few lessons, instead I went around the college to take some more landscape photos, and you can view it here.

Played a few rounds of badminton games unexpectedly, with Pei Hwa & Leangar. I like it but was drained out of energy fast as I haven't take my lunch and I'm not in proper sportswear that time. 

I'll sort out a few hours to write about college stuffs. Yes, a few hours is what I need to complete a blog post. 

Oh well, as life goes on~

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