28 September 2008

Pictures Finish Processed

Whoah.... it does really take up quite a lot of time processing pictures from friends! Thanks for the pics!   :D

If you're interested looking at the pics, here's the link again:

Tagging all the photos aren't easy work! I've to go through every single photos to name 'em accordingly. Thankfully it's all done by now, I can rest abit while waiting for anoter batch of pics next week.  :)

Sharing some of the pics here....

Outside the lecture hall.... posers.
Outside the lecture hall

Inside the lecture hall, waiting for the lecturer.
In the lecture hall

The SN8B red invasion.
Class pic with Mr Low

Tang Yang taking pic of sleeping Vivian.
Sleeping Vivian

Zhi Hua VS Pei Hwa....
Zhi Hua VS Pei Hwa

A relatively "old" pic, taken last year July when most of us aren't that familiar with each others yet. Hmm.... some of them did changed a lot from then.
School (9)

I've spoken about making a video out of these materials. 

Hmm.... I'm planning to split the videos into a few parts. One is mainly on SN8B, another on the college campus, and perhaps if I got enough time and resources I may made one for SN8ABC. 

I've some ideas running in my mind now, especially when choosing which songs to be put as the background music. Though I haven't started a single bit of the project, but I can somehow visualise how it'll looks like when it's done.  

Anyhow, I'm still far from being free for good. The last day in college indicates that we're one more day closer to the exam date, aikz. With the mounting pressure from parents, I should keep myself occupied with revisions, the final exam is not far away from now....

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