27 September 2008

A few new football boots colours

Yea, I wasn't active in writing about footballs for quite some time already. Mainly is because after EURO 2008 I have no mood to watch football anymore, not even this season's EPL, which Man Utd started badly.

Arsenal & Chelsea seems promising this time, especially with the new Chelsea coach Scolari. Every champions will have their ups and downs, and I speculate that this season Man Utd will be struggling a bit to regain their champion's form.

So back to football boots story, nothing much progress of the football boots industry since EURO 2008, the manufacturers just play around with the colours.

There's only a 2 additions into Adidas' football boots market, which is the retro World Cup 66 & adiPure blackount.

World Cup 66

This is a limited edition boots based on the World Cup series. Can't see any much difference than the original one except the sole turn into blue colour.

The boot that won England the World Cup has now been guaranteed it's legendary status thanks to the highly restricted release of this modern update.

Three in every four players opted to wear the World Cups in the Final of 1966, with the likes of Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton among the players to wear the boots.

adiPure "Blackout"

As the name suggested, a totally black boots. Usually Adidas will roll out "blackout" series to mark the end of the production of certain boots series (with the exception of F50 series). I think is quite cool at some way & will be looking forward for adiPure 2 series soon.

Nike is the real player in this round, with a few combination of nice colours for different boots series.

Mercurial Vapor IV

A common favourite colour and this one doesn't disappoints general crowd. Drogba will be wearing this, definitely.

Mercurial Vapor SL

The finer version of MV4 from above, well of course the price is placed higher as well as this is a boot made from carbon-fibre.

Air Zoom Total Laser 2

You gotta love this striking red boots!
I'm sure soon Rooney & Ferdinand the gang will switch to this colour on their next game.

Tiempo Air Legend II

Now this is also another boots which I liked, always loved the Legend series on how they keep retro-style boots classic with a boost of modern flavours. Fabregas will fit in this boot nicely.

So that's all for now playing around with the colours. For this year I doubt there'll be any new breakthrough in the football boots industry. We'll wait until the next year then.

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