26 October 2008

My First AMV

* AMV = animation music video, which basically is anime/cartoon video couple up with a music/song/score, thus making it like a music video.


This is my first ever try to create an AMV. The music used is "RECOVER", from Gundam 00 OST 2. It's the theme of the antagonist in the series, mainly for their ace pilot Graham Aker. 

It's quite fun to play around with the vid, though to synchronise the video and the music requires a few rounds of trials & errors. 

The song length is not long enough to fit in the whole video so I've to trim it here and there abit. The conversation part between the 2 pilots had been shortern, and the main focus is on the battle of the mobile suits.

Aesthetically, I did not apply any much fancy effects this time. The only effects I used is Ease In & Ease Out, which are just zoom in and out respectively. This is to create a little different feel when the mobile suits are engaging each other.

Feel free to drop any comment on this vid, this should serve as a warm up for my upcoming movie-making project.  :D

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