23 October 2008

22nd of Oct

It was a good day, though it started with a bad spell. 

Everyone were killed in the Pure Maths paper, none would've say this paper is easy, not even those top scorers. It's more complicated than what we've tried from the earlier past year papers, Cambridge realy knows how to murder the students cruelly.

Nevermind bout that, what's done is done, for now I can bit farewell to Maths. It's not that I hate it, I like it but I'll need more time to explore it, before solving the questions.  

Afternoon went to Pavilion with family for a dim sum lunch. There's a 50% offer for the dim sums so we ought to try it out, and to walk around in Pavilion since our last visit in the previous Oct.  

The dim sum, I would say is good, but we aren't that happy with the service though. I actually had no prob with them, just that parents are very particular with it. Sometimes, compared to them, I've much more tolerance in life when it comes to small matter, I dunno but the adults seem like to stir up a small matter into a big fuss and fight on it. Zzz.....

After the lunch I went to explore the Pavilion myself. Checked out the tech stuffs in the 5th floor. 

Tried the new iPon Nano, which is really cool and affordable, tempted to get it at some point, but not so soon. The Sennheiser headphone I tried there is good too, but looking at the pricetag I would rather get some other choices though. Anyway still no sign of the new MacBook aluminium yet, I guess have to wait for next month before it touches the Malaysia shore.

Next stop is the Nokia shop. I compare my 5310 with the new 5320 and 5220, finds that 5320 is not as great as I thought, especially the music player controls are messed up. As for the sound quality it's good, but whether it's better than my 5310 I cannot decide.

Noticed they're selling the Creative EP-630 earphone at a much higher price than I bought, one unit there would cost RM100+ on the shelf while I just get it for less than RM 60.  :P
In case you like to listen bassy music, I'd recommend you this earphone.

I spend some time to browse through the CDs in VideoEzy outlet. Too bad they aren't selling any games or anime OST, but I've stuck between 2 choices, Secret Garden's compilation or a Gregorian chant compilation. The price difference is just RM 10 so I was thinking, which one should I be getting.

I chose Gregorian chant in the end, but when I get home listen to it, was disappointed because it's not the kind of G chanting I want. Here's a video of a Gregorian chant song which I liked, "Moment of Peace". Too bad I cant refund, I should've go for Secret Garden since I knew they'll be good, but you know, as a music love you'll have to gamble on the CDs you came across in order to discover new kind of music for yourself.  :)

Went home around 4:30pm, rested a bit while waiting the dim sum to be digested, prepare for the next round dinner of bak kut teh (pork braised in herbal soup). 

The bak kut teh restaurant we usually went defines fast food in a new record. Everytime when we went there we can expect the dish to be served almost immediately. Once you ordered, they
ll serve the rice, side dishes, and the main course in less than 5 minutes. 
Previous records I recorded spells less than 3 mins! Which is amazing! It's definitely faster than going to KFC or McD, as you'll have to wait for a long queue to place your order!

I'm planning to ask my friends out for a round of bak kut teh in this restaurant after we finish our exams to celebrate abit. It's not expensive, pretty affordable and of course it taste good! That's the reason why my family will still be coming to this restaurant to eat over and over again.

Went to Jusco after that to walk around, digest the just stuffed-in bak kut teh. They plan to do another round of shopping so I shut myself inside MPH bookstore to read free books. Was stucked with a chinese Reader's Digest as the jokes are too "powerful", I have to control myself not to laugh of loud (lol) in fron of the public or it'll be embarassing. 

Finally reach home around 10:30pm.... but the story doesn't end here. Just now bought "Money Not Enough 2" DVD and we're eagerly to watch the movie as we've read positive reviews of this movie.

Sure enough, the movie is good, I think I'll write a post just for the movie like a review. Movie ends around 1am, zzz...... There goes my 22nd of Oct, year 2008.

Sorry, this post doesn't comes with any pics as I didn't take the camera along, and besides I'm kinda lazy to take pics with my phone cam.  :P


  1. where that bak kut teh shop?

  2. At Jln Genting Klang, opposite the golf range, quite near to the Shell station

    The bak kut teh shop got yellow signboard, and close to Alliance Bank, same row with 六福 "Lok Fok".