27 October 2008

Future Path~

At this moment, is a crucial stage for those who're in their late-teens and pre-20s. We're busy in choosing what's the best path for our future, a step forward into the unpredictable, yet exciting world.

We do have supports from family & friends, but ultimately is all up to your own choice, you've to decide what's your life gonna be for the rest of the decades, you're in charge of yourself and no one else! 

People around this age should be extremely clear that you've the free-will and autonomy to act by yourself, and not be controlled by others! At the same time, you're aware that you're the one who bears all the consequences of  the outcome from your earlier decision.

It's natural for a person comes to age bears more responsibilities in their life, it is just a prelude to all the challenges and obstacles when they're a full-grown adult, rushing in the rat race & starting a family. 

It's a harsh reality but nobody can escape from it, so therefore, it's the best if you're used to dealing all sorts of problems before head. 

Right now, my concern is enrolling in which university/institution. For me I'm quite certain that I'll be doing something related to music, let it be sound engineering, audiology, musicology, or musical psychology etc. 

Those are some of the stuffs I'm interested in, and I had the feeling that by chance, I might be composing songs that I like, be another great composer?

It's still a long way to go, but I'm sure that with my passion and interest, I may land myself with the suitable job in the future. Stay focus on your goal, be positive with it is crucial to achieve the dream, apart from the usual rules, determination & hardworking. 

I'm lucky that I was allowed to choose whichever field I'm interest in to pursue for the next level education. My sisters are lucky as well because parents has been supportive for whatever choices they've made. 

Now it is my turn to decide. I have a lot of things to consider, analyse the potential choices carefully, especially the financial factor. Not many people are willing to provide scholarship for arts & music courses, so it'll be quite a burden for my family then.

I guess no one really know my reason behind choosing music as a future path, really. Perhaps my family would've knew it, partly because they're influencial in my decision-making. My musical journey started at home since early stage.

I started with classical music like many other kids, being forced to take on piano lessons at a very young age. I still remember I passed my Grade 1 before I was enrolled into primary school. I never really understand the greatness of music back then, just continue the lesson as I was being forced by parents.

I stopped the lesson at the age of 13, with the excuse that the fees are getting more expensive and I need more time to concentrate on my secondary school studies. Parents obliged, but telling me that I shall not be regret on my choice of stopping the piano lesson.

Did I regret it today? Surely it is.... piano is such a wonderful instrument that able to play a wide range of tunes, virtually all songs can be played on piano itself. 

As I'm getting older, my choice of music started to deviate from classical to something else. Pop songs doesn't really cross my path, though I still enjoy a few nice pop songs, which are pretty rare these days. I've discovered the greatness in orchestral, instrumental, new age & electronica genres, apart from the classical piano.

Listening to all the compositions inspires me to keep on looking for more and more musics that I'll enjoy listening it day and night. That was until an instance when I thought, why not I try to create my own song? Or to learn a little more on music production, it can be nice. 

The idea just flies into my mind sometime between last year and this year. I only announce this choice just few months ago. As I thought, the other's reactions are predictable, many are surprise with it. 

If given the chance, I'd like to compose great songs for everyone like Yanni did. Or perhaps, write film scores for movie soundtracks like Joe Hisaishi & Hans Zimmer? Or, focus on soft piano music like Jim Brickman & Yiruma? Or maybe I'd be a renegade musician, create something different than anything before.... hmm.... 

To me, the best thing I can enjoy now is listening to cool musics at the best quality, so that's why I keep looking for CD albums, hearing devices (earphone & headphone) etc. I woldn't mind spend a little fortune in this. 

Once I've made the final decision, there'll be no turning back on the path I've chosen. The path of life....

I end this post with a video, my friend Siu Cheng playing Richard Clayderman's "Souvenir D'enfance" during my 16th birthday.


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