27 October 2008

Status Update

If you may have noticed, my recent blog posts are kinda long-winded. It can't be helped, as nowadays I blog lesser, but when I blog I'll simply spilt out everything in my mind in a single post.

I know, this is bad for the blog and the readers. It will not serve good for my traffic & income as well. 

Like most of my collegemates, the study leaves are kinda bored. We're normal humans, so it's not possible for us to keep on study for the final exam everyday. If one can spend a few days just study, we consider him/her as "alien" already lol.

Next paper falls on next Wednesday, Chemistry P5, still got time to study. What I'm concern is the Friday Physics P4, the other dreaded paper after Maths P3. Wish me luck, lots of terms and formulas to be remembered for Physics!

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