28 October 2008

College Friends pics~

Come and think of it, I haven't really post up the pics I took with my collegemates! It's a little late, but better than I forget about it and dump those photos onto my Flickr only!

Be warned, this will be a heavy pics post.
For larger photos, just click on the thumbnails to redirect to the larger pics. Original version can be accessed by clicking "All Sizes" on the photo page.

Testing shot. Someone actually poses for this photo as I took from some distance away, hah!
Outside the lecture hall

Some of the girls from A class. Vivian, Shiao Ling, Jolene.
Vivian, Shiao Ling & Jolene

The right-wing gang. Tang Yang, Li Hong, Chen Ping, Johnson and girls.
Group pic

Waiting in the lecture hall.
In the lecture hall

Another gang on the left. Pyramid girls + a guy on top of them.

Yee Kai, Kai Shang & me. White black white combo, heh.
Yee Kai, Kai Shang & me

Sleeping Vivian lol. There's another guy taking her pic as well. :P
Sleeping Vivian

Me with Hong Liang, my "neighbor" in the lecture hall.
Me & Hong Liang

With Indian friends. Allen, Hemaraj, me, Jeffery, Nevignan, Martin.
Me with Indian lads

The blacks.

Classmates in Physics lab.
Group pic

Classmates again.
Group pic

With Tang Yang, the joker of all.
Tang Yang and me

Me & Suyin. Heard that she's flying to the US after this.
Me & Suyin

Classmates with Ms Ong, the Physics lecturer. She's such a nice & humour lecturer!
Group pic with Ms Ong

Here comes the red invasion day. Lots of reds & pinks flying around the college in that particular day. :D

Classmates in red.
Group pic

Group of reds.
Group pic Group pic
Group pic Group pic

Me with the gorgeous Charlotte, such a sweet girl.
Me & Charlotte

The twins, Lai Mun & Xin Xin.
Lai Mun & Xin Xin

With Justin, the ace student from the city of cats!
Me & Justin

Justin the lucky one!
Pei Hwa, Krystal, Justin, Lai Mun, Xin Xin

Johnson & me, he's one of the first dude I got to know when I joined the college.
Me & Johnson

Chie Guan & me. Dont let his appearance fooled you, he's a smart guy!
Me & Chie Guan

The ladies in the class. A bigger pic to have a clearer look of them. :)
Ladies' formation

Guys failed to act macho lol.
Guys Guys

Zhi Hua VS Pei Hwa in a "lightsaber" fight lol.
Zhi Hua VS Pei Hwa

With Yuyan. She's an active girl and quite popular in the lecture hall.
Me & Yuyan

With Si Qu. Another nice girl and she has another twin sis.
Me & Si Qu + Yu Lee

Yu Lee and me. Hailed from the town of Ipoh, lots' of changes since then.
Me & Yu Lee

Me & Ivy. Quite helpful at times.
Me & Ivy

Me & Ching Ying. She's a food lover and cooks good stuff too!
Me & Ching Ying

Zhi Hua & me. Another ace student, "brother" of Justin lol.
Me & Zhi Hua

Girls camwhore.
Charlotte & Ivy

Kai Shang kena spanked!
Kai Shang's butt

Li Hong & me. Not sure what his hand gesture mean though.
Li Hong & me

This pic is related to a pic from above. Same instance, different angle.

Boy's titanic lol. Chen Ping, Kai Shang & Johnson.
Chen Ping, Kai Shang, Johnson

The titanic shot from another angle.
Chen Ping, Kai Shang, Johnson

My favourite shot of all. Taken outside the lab with a few friends. :)
Group pic Group pic

Daredevil guys.
The guys' "stunt" Guys

Ching Ying's punishment, poor TY lol.
Tang Yang & Ching Ying

Mr Low's class in the lecture hall.
Mr Low in the lecture hall Mr Low's tutorial in lecture hall

Group pic with Mr Low, the Chemistry master.
Class pic with Mr Low

With Miau Lik, who's missing in action for many times already. Note that this is another day from the reds invasion above.
Me and Miau Lik

With Mr Low. Probably the best lecturer ever taught us!
Mr Low and me

Another pic with Ms Ong, after her Phyz tutorial.
Group pic with Ms Ong

Random pics in random order left in the collections....

A shower in the Chemistry lab?
Shower~ Shower~

Group pic with Mr Low in the Chemistry lab.
Group pic with Mr Low in the lab

The guys

Guys with Mr Low.
Group pic with Mr Low in the lab

Ladies with Mr Low.
Group pic with Mr Low in the lab

Why Mr Low so happy? lol
Group pic with Mr Low in the lab

Stay up after class to take more pics with Mr Low!
Group pic with Mr Low in the lab

Trying to climb the wall?

Group pic of SN8AB with Ms Jesswyna. I wasn't there, as I dropped GP in the last sem.
SN8ABC With Ms Jeswynna

Class pic with Ms Chong after Bio tutorial.
Group pic with Ms Chong

Yuyan's primetime, karaoke!

The "sisters", Ivy, Yu Lee, Si Qu, Yuyan.
Ivy, Yu Lee, Si Qu, Yuyan

Pei Hwa, Charlotte & Krystal with Mr Yap.
Pei Hwa, Mr Yap, Charlotte, Krystal

SN8BC ladies.
Ladies Ladies

Playing table tennis while making phone call?
Me VS Siew Wai

With Krystal & Charlotte after the game.
Krystal, Charlotte, me

Huayee and me, pic was dark and we're wearing black, even darker!
Me & Huayee

Pei Hwa & me! She's good in sports, and excels in academic!
Pei Hwa & me

Leangar & me. Top student for AS Maths!
Me & Leangar

Mun Yee & me.
Me with Mun Yee

With Ms Chong. She's some sort of motherly figure to us lol.
Me with Ms Chong

Bryan the artistic dude & me!
Me & Bryan

Cheng Kiat with me. Though he's kinda quiet, but he's an intelligent guy.
Cheng Kiat & me

With Mr Yap, the Maths genius.
Mr Yap & me

Final pic, my favourite lunch! Fried kuey teow mee with egg on top! This pic makes me feel hungry now....
Chau Kuey Theow Mee + egg


  1. hah u know kai shang as well? he's a funny & cute guy like we all know lol.