28 October 2008

My Name, CLF

Today let's talk about my name.

Under the alias CLF is actually my name, pretty obvious huh?

I was named Cheng Ling Fan in English/Malay. The Chinese name carries the surname 钟, followed by the prefix 龄 which followed my siblings, and finally my given name 范 (pronounce similar to the word 'fun', not 'fan' in English).

The word '范' carries the meaning of a role model, hoping that one day I'll be someone who can inspires others to follow my footsteps to success.

There's a story when my parents deciding my name. They actually chose another name for me, Ling Kai (龄凯). Due to the complexity of the letter, they opt for Ling Fan in stead. (comparing 范 & 凯, the former is easier to write)

I was almost called CLK, but I'm CLF now.I joked that next time if I were to buy a Mercedes Benz CLK, I'll rebadge it become CLF!

Or perhaps if Mercedes planned to launch a CLF class, I'll buy it for sure!
Anyway, if I really have the money to buy such car, I'll get a Japanese car first.

Since I wasn't given an English name (eg: John, Tom, Joe etc.), I adapted the nick Cliff as it's the closest with my initials CLF. I don't usually use it but when you're in a English-speakers environment you've to get used to such name for people easier to recognise and communicate with you.

I'm happy with my name, eventhough some friends used to tease me with my name. We must be proud of our own name, as it's the unique identity of yourself.

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