10 September 2008


Hello folks, it's been a few days since I update the blog.

Father discharged from hospital yesterday, he'll be resting at home for some time before he can get back to normal life. Still have to goto hospital for checkup every week though.
Glad that now I no longer need to travel all the way to the hospital everyday.

Because the wireless router went nuts lately, could no longer share the Internet with sis, so we've to take turns to online. I still think that wired connection is better than wireless, or is it NetGear's router sux? 

Because of this I no longer online as frequent I used to be, which means I will not appears on MSN like I used to be, and of course, lesser blog post to write.  :S
Nevermind that, in just a few weeks time I can claim the net for myself again. 

Still got 3 more weeks in college.... time's running fast, I better start to gather some materials to create the short-movie then. It will be a videoclip around SN8ABC classes, features all the classmates, lecturers etc.

Gonna need help from other class' friends to gather materials. If you think you got any suitable materials (photos, videos) that could make it into the video, please share it with me so that I can put it in there.  :)

OK now, back to WarCraft III, it's been few years since I got this game in my computer again!  :D


  1. wat problem with yr router? go claim warranty or try to hard reset it.

  2. Warranty expired sometime ago.

    Hard reset? Will try it, thanks for the idea.