12 September 2008

Love Songs~

If you've noticed, almost half of the songs in the pop market talks about the theme of love, or some sort of relationship in it. Whether it's in English or whatever languages, love songs are among the all-time-favourites of the people.

I like those songs, but 'unfortunately' I'm not into any kind of relationship or commitment at the moment, so I can just enjoy the songs alone.

Am going to share some of the songs here with you, see whether you got the kind of feeling like me or not, regardless you're single or double or triple etc.

Mr Big - "To Be With You"

This song is just nice if you're trying to woo a girl whom had just broken up recently. The lyrics, if you listen to it closely, clearly indicates this.
If you're trying to use this song to caught girl's attention, be wary that this will be either do or die, as some may find this song offensive given their current grief situation, heh. Anyhow, you can give it a try.

Jim Brickman ft. Donny Osmond - "Love of My Life"

Jim Brickman playing on the piano, and Donny Osmond on the vocal, definitely one of the best love songs I ever heard.

If you've finally found the love one, congrats, this is the song you'll be playing over and over again to your love ones. He/she would definitely love it!

Michael Learns To Rock - "I'm Gonna Be Around"

A love ballad by the Danish group (is it Danish?), the MV's opening is kinda confusing but it goes well with the video.

I think it's suitable to be played when you've just finished a date with your partner, on the way driving back home. It's a romantic song, you'll never get bored listening to it again and again.

Blue - "You Make Me Wanna"

Ahah, this song is only suitable to be used if you two are very close to each other, being knew each other for some time already.
The lyrics is a bit bombastic, sounds like the guy is pledging his soul to the girl, and a rather "filthy" content near the end of the song.
Anyhow, it's a brave song, so if you're brave enough you can try use it, heh.

So here's a few love songs that I liked. If you've some suggestions feel free to add your idea here. :)

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