12 September 2008

An Old Pic

IMAG0004.jpg, originally uploaded by CLF.

This is me, back in 15th August, 2004.

Funny isn't it? Heh..... I took this silly pic of myself on my father's 49th birthday.

It's nice to see all the old pics again, ahah! The glorious Flickr Pro account!! :D

Since the credit card is lying on the computer desk, asked my father for permission and he flashes the green light.

After a few easy steps to do an online purchase, and I can enjoy all the benefits of Flickr pro account until the end of next year oh yeah!!

Many thanks for my father to allow me to activate the PRO account! :D

P/S: Flickr is an extremely useful websites to host images, whether you use the pics for blogging, or want to store an online backup.


  1. Cliff,

    Ask your dad to give a supp card to you.... I'm sure that you are old enough & obviously responsible & matured enough to handle a credit card.....

    Tell him I said: time to let go....

  2. hi there iman,

    hahah I do not want to ask for one right now because I think that if I really need it, I can get from him directly.

    It's also a kind of self-discipline as I understand when you got the card, it's easily to overspent.