13 September 2008

Driving the Perdana

Alright, now that my father is still recovering from the eye surgery, he definitely can't be driving for a few months so it's natural for me, the other driver in the family, to take the driver's seat.

Proton Perdana V6 Special Edition

Been driving this car for a few rounds in the past week, so what do I have to say about this car?

First, I love the car audio system, absolutely love it! I know I'll be driving the car for some time so I burned a music CD and put in on the music player. Oh yeah, the sound quality is the best! That's one of th reason why I'm so eagerly to "own" the car.  :P

The car is definitely heavier than the Wira I'm driving. Although Perdana's displacement is larger (2000cc), and the size is slightly bigger than Wira, I found that the Perdana is harder to control as it's kinda bulky. 

Acceleration-wise, it reacts faster than Wira. It's just that I haven't got the chance to try do above 100km/h as I've passengers in the car. I'm not a risk-taker, but just merely want to test the car's performance.

One thing I don't like about the car is that when handling the steering wheel, I may accidentally pressed the honk, which is placed very close to the edge of the steering wheel. It has been a few times when I accidentally honked other cars, while I thought why the others are honking me? Aiseh....

They say, Perdana is the best local car ever made.... if this is true, there's still a lot of room for improvements..... I rather drive a smaller car like the Satria Neo or Myvi, much cheaper and easier to control!

I better get used to driving this car. I found that I've little stamina to drive for a long distance journey.... haven't really get used to it yet.  :S

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  1. [ One thing I don't like about the car is that when handling the steering wheel ]

    Hahahaaa... had the same problemwith my car too, kept changing the radio stations, increasing, decreasing the volume each time i make a turn....

    you'll soon get used to it & learn to be gentle...

    dun grip the steering like there's no tommorrow & you'll be OK.....