06 September 2008

Updates on my life

It has been a busy week.

Tuesday finished my trial exam finally.... now can relax a little bit as the final exam will only starts late next month. Of course, it's the final exam so couldn't really slack off and let go everything for good.

This is the last month I'll be attending class in the college. Time seems like passed very fast, it was just like yesterday when I was enrolled into the college, and now I'm just had one month left to go....

It's kinda upset that we all would've separated just when we're getting more familiar with each others. Even Mr Low expressed his thoughts that we'll be leaving him soon, hahah.

Was thinking to made a video to dedicate for the coursemates, a feat I did after graduating from high school 2 years ago. Given my current state of situation, I guess I've to hold this idea behind because I've more important things to concern.

So father's operation was a successful one. He's likely to be discharged on Monday rest at home, so me I no longer need to travel to the hospital everyday to visit him. Likewise, I'm gonna be the driver then.

I was given the green light to drive the Perdana, since sooner or later I'm going to drive it. Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend, around the local neighbourhood? I need sometime to get used to the car.

Back to myself.

Was left pondering where should I further my study next, after completing the current course. I'm considering taking up Sound Engineering course in ICOM, but how about the future career?
I'll have a tough time to answer this question whenever someone asked me, but I guess if you're into the field, you're passionate about it, you won't go wrong stepping into this industry.
Interest and passion, the power that drives people to work harder and better.

Study and working in the real world is a totally different matter at all. In the work field you'll be exposed with all sorts of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of human beings, in this complicated world. I just hope that I could sunk myself in a pool of wonderful tunes, without having to worry much about the hectic life in a city.

I might consult Ms Ong since she used to be involved in similar fields. Hah, she's the only lecturer that can "click" with me in terms of technical stuffs like computers & audio systems.

Music is the substance that keeps me alive until today.

Without music, I guess I'll be suffering from mood-swings more often. I
am calmer & cooler when there's musical notes playing

Instrumental musics, is the saviour of my life, my tranquiliser I would say.

I guess that's it for the updates. Maybe will post some photos up here when I got the time.
'til then.

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