06 September 2008

"Heart of Asia" VS "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"

Here's something interesting today. Here's a song in 2 different rendition, see which one you like.

"Heart of Asia" by Watergate

"Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Both are the same song but performed in different styles. 

"Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" is the original song composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto in the early 80's. The song dated few years before I was here, and yet the impact of the song still remain until today. There's something special about this song, really.... It can't be described by words.

"Heart of Asia" is the techno version of the original song, remixed by Watergate. 
Heard this song in 2003 when I randonly download songs via P2P network at that time. That's one of the way I discovered many nice music, which I listen until today.  :)

Back then I have to listen to this song at least once a day, but now I seldom listen to it anymore. It's still nice to hear it again once in awhile.
Now I wasn't keen on techno music like I used to be. I still listen to it but I can't listen to it all day long. For now I can only enjoy instrumental music non-stop. 

I think that techno & electronic genre of music can be considered as another form of instrumental, albeit a more noisy and lively one. I like it because the upbeat melody can somehow motivate you to be energetic, looking forward to work things out. This is the effect you won't feel from the original soft instrumental version. 

So, which version you prefer? The techno one? Or the original instrumental one? Either way, I love both songs as they're different than each other.

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