04 September 2008

The Operation, Success

Nowadays I've been travelling to and fro the hospital to visit my father. Luckily the house is not very far from the hospital, so it's still OK to travel around in daily routine.

While travelling to the hospital today, was caught in a terrible jam thanks to the peak hour and "heavenly" downpour. Was jammed for 1.5 hours before I reach the ward. Usually I'll need ~20 mins to reach there. Oh well, I've to get used to it, it's part of city life.

Father had the operation this morning at 8am. The surgery finished at 1pm, according to my sis who's waiting there. The operation went smoothly, and now he'll have to rest for few months time.

Like anyone else who's just finished an operation, patients would seems to be weak, no matter how strong when they're still healthy.

I think he should be discharged the earliest by next week. He won't be driving then, so I'll take over the driver seat. Until today I've yet to drive his Perdana, which my elder sis comment "just like Wira, but more powerful". 

Glad to hear that everything went fine today. It's an important day and after this it'll be recovery and rehabilitation.

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