04 September 2008

Modern Pirates

Am writing from college again, courtesy of Miau Lik's laptop.

You may have heard of the recent Malaysia tanker ship hijacked near the coast of Somalia, and until today there's little news coming from the African coast. A modern pirate in working.

In this post, I'm not talking about the pirates raiding from ship to ship. I'm talking about a modern approaches of the "pirates" lurking in the intellectual industry.

Yesterday near the end of our Biology tutorial, Ms Chong revealed bout an incident which her tutorial & test files are being used by another person out of the college, without her authorization.

She lost a pendrive few months back in the college lecture hall as she forgot to take the pendrive after finishing our lecture. The pendrive is gone for good, no news about it until recently.

One of the student came to ask her questions and the tutorial is originated from her lost pendrive. Out of suspicion she questioned the student, but the student kept quiet, saying it's a secret.

It was not until Ms Chong trying to threaten the student, only the student revealed where he/she got the "mysterious" tutorial paper from. It was from her tuition teacher, and the shocking fact is that, the tuition teacher used to teach in the college too.

From the story there's a suspicious character indirectly hinted who is he/she, the teacher taught us before last year. To our surprise, he/she was a good teacher back then, we wouldn't expect he/she would do something like this. It's kinda shocking.

The reason how the missing pendrive would fall into the other teacher's hand remains a mystery today.

The teacher left the college last year, and the pendrive went missing this year, so how come the teacher would get a grip on the pendrive then?
There's a possibility that student found the pendrive, and pass it to the teacher. But why? Why the student would do this? The teacher is no longer in the college, why not pass the pendrive to the office instead of a person who's no longer in the college?

If this happened to anyone else, I'm sure that person would be very upset and angry with this. Stealing other's works and claim it as your own, is clearly a work of the modern pirate.

Plagiarism and piracy of intellectual works, is not uncommon nowadays. There's no longer moral ethique in today's world. Many wanted to take the shortcut for success, chose to steal instead of work hard on their own. Sigh.... there will be more and more lazy bumbs.

Time's up, better get packed for the next class now. Ciao.

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