03 September 2008

Google Chrome

Am now trying out the new browser Google developed. 
Like it advertised, it's fast, really fast, it's faster than my default Firefox 3. I'd love to see webpages load in just a matter of seconds!  :D

If you're a heavy Google user like me (Blogger, YouTube, Picasa etc), I'm sure you'll love it. 

The only few things missing from this new browser is it doesn't comes with the Google Toolbar, the essential toolbar for my usual use. Also, no auto spell-checking means that I may have typed more mistakes in my posts.  Both of this is no a problem in the heavy-duty Firefox 3. 

I'd say Google Chrome is a lightweight browser that's capable of handling jobs better than Firefox & IE, seriously. I've made it my default browser for now, but some of the tasks I still have to rely on Firefox though.

It is still in BETA stage, so there's still potential for improvements & usability. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with us, try it now!  ;)

P/S: Like other products from Google, it's FREE!!


UPDATE [23:12] :

Noticed a few abnormalities with the new browser. 

Too bad it doesn't support RSS feed, else it would've been very useful. Most browser nowadays, Firefox, IE & Opera, would have integrated RSS feed reader build in it. 
I can overcome this problem by simply using Google Reader, which I've been using for more than a year already I presume. 

Secondly, for some script & coding reasons, Facebook doesnt work like normal. 
Clicked "Add Friend" button, waited for a few seconds, no response. Same goes after I've waited for few minutes. 
Given the popularity of this website, if they do not sort this problem out, more people would be complaining about it.

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