02 September 2008

Trip to hospital

Visited my father around dinner time. Just nice the road is not so congested as the Muslims are heading home to break the fast (it's 2nd day into the fasting month).

Father looks OK, though he'll be missing from his workplace for at least weeks. Luckily only one eye affected, thankfully. Likely to carry out the operation on eye this Thursday, hope everything turn out to be OK.

The ward itself is not as bad as I thought, way better than the ward I admitted some years ago. The ward can accommodate 4 patients but only 2 are occupied at the moment.

Hah, my father seems bored there as he can't do anything much other than read and read and read and read..... It's his hobby, but I guess it would be kinda dull after some time.

Went to a shoplet down the ward to get some bread for father. My sis and I were lost walking in the hospital labyrinth. Seriously, it's just like a maze, especially when you're walking in the dark when the people are scarce. It's just a 5 mins walk, but we took 15 mins to get back there again. (-__-")

That's all for the update today.

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