24 September 2008

Troubled Stomach

It's been a few days straight since I'm suffering from running stomach already, I wonder what went wrong in my digestive system.

Of course, the most likely culprit for this would be the food I've taken in, but seems like I'm the only one in the family that's suffering from the problem. Is it food-poisoning? 

It's annoying that everyday when you get up you'll feel like something's bugging you right after you wake up, thus ruining the rest of the day because you had a bad start. I still can cope with it but take note that sometimes it is not just once, it can hits you again for a few times in a day. Arghh....

Funny, I dont usually blog about these stuffs, but I was awaken by the stomach-ache this morning so decided to write a few lines bout it, or else I would still be sleeping by now.... 

There are a few things which I can't stand in life, one of it being stomach-upset!   :(

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