21 September 2008

Further Studies~

Sis CLH will be leaving KL for UK tomorrow morning.
She'll be taking Master in Museum, Art and Gallery Studies, in Leiceister University.

Few months ago she just came back after finishing her degree in Shanghai, and now she'll be moving on to a next level already, it's quite fast as I thought she'll be working for awhile before continue studies. 
Anyhow, it's good to continue up to Master degree level since it'll be much more advantageous compare to ordinary degree holders, especially in such unpopular sector. 

So for now I'll be the only child in the family that haven't even step into a university's gate yet. What am I planning to do next? Now is the time that I should decide where I'll be heading for the next few years to come, to complete my degree.

Right now I got the feeling that somehow, I might be flying to Japan to get my degree, in sound engineering. 
I haven't think of it few months back, but it seems like everything just came into my mind recently. 

I've considered studying sound engineering for some time already because I realised that my passion lies with musics, something that I'll be happy to work on for a long period of time. 
Music has been part of my life since I was a child, mainly because family influence. 
There's a piano in the house, and the family loves classical music. It was from that onwards my musical interest starts to grow.

So why go Japan? Before this I've considered LimKokWing University (LKWU) & International College of Music, (ICOM) which are both located within the Klang Valley, not very far away. 
ICOM is much closer to my house, and the course seems to be more promising than LKWU offered, so I was considering ICOM by then.

My father told me about studying in Japan, as he might be able to secure a scholarship for me. Japan is a land I'm looking forward to go to, if you've noticed my characteristic and interests closely, there's a lot of things in Japan that attracts me. The cultures, the food, the music, the animations, the characters, etc.... Japan wouldn't be a stranger's land for me.  :)

Before I can do my degree program there, I'll have to go there to study a year of Japanese language. This means that I'll be a year later to start my degree, but that wouldn't be a problem. It'll be just nice that I can get used to life over there first before I start my studies, so that I won't experience cultural shock (unlikely, hahah).

However, I've yet to do research for the universities there which offers the course I want. It'll take some time to find out more info bout it, but I think with the aid of the cybernet, it would be much easier.  :) 

Alright then, tomorrow early morning have to goto the airport, so end this post here today.

Japan..... I'm eyeing on you! 


  1. Shanghai, UK, japan.
    The difference of being rich. T.T

  2. It's not really the matter of rich or so, i do admit we're rich in knowledge but we're poor in terms of money.

    Sigh, I wonder why you got the misconception that I came from a rich family? Actually I'm not. :S

  3. didn't you read "dad might be able to secure a scholarship".....