18 September 2008

Attention to fellow SN8ABC

Guys and girls, I need your help here.

You see, I'm planning to compile photos and videos to make a videoclip for fellow SN8ABC students and the lecturers. I've made a videoclip for my secondary school, and I planned to do it again for the college life.

This is a big project, I planned to spend a little time during the study leave to initiate the project, and then finish the whole videoclip after A2 exam. 

I need your help by providing me the raw materials, which are the photos and videos, if you happened to have any.

Now that we only have next week's time to take the pics, so I hope I can get the pics from you all as soon as I can. I know, some are busy doing final revision for A2, and I know I'm not supposed to do so at this moment!

If possible I want to have everyone from every class in the videoclip, so that everyone would've their screentime.  :D

You can send me the photos/videos by MSN, pendrive, burn CD/DVD (I will pay back an empty CD/DVD for it), e-mail or any other methods as long as I got the pics/vids. 

Thanks in advance for your help, with your contributions this would definitely be a great memory for everyone in SN8ABC!

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