19 August 2008

ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam 1/100 model

Spent 3 days to complete this model as I've things to be settled in the intervals, either I'm going out for something or dinner etc. So yeah, finally completed the model....


Legend Gundam is piloted by Rey Za Burrel near the end of the Gundam SEED Destiny anime. This unit succeeds its predecessor the Providence Gundam in Gundam SEED, which Legend Gundam is based on. Legend Gundam was heavily damaged by Strike Freedom Gundam piloted by Kira Yamato, and was destroyed together with the ZAFT's fortress Messiah at the end of the epic war.


Comparison with my previous model GOUF Ignited. Legend is of course much bigger than the GOUF as the GOUF is just a mere 1/144 model, Legend is a 1/100 model. In the actual comparison the GOUF Ignited unit is actually taller than the Legend Gundam (19.2m VS 18.9m).

IMG_2188 IMG_2182

The DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network) system. According to the anime the DRAGOON units can only be used in zero-gravity situation (the space) as it's difficult to control the DRAGOON units in earth atmosphere due to the gravitational force and the air resistance factors.


The DRAGOON backpack, heaviest part of the whole model.

IMG_2199 IMG_2202




Pose with the box.


The pilot, elite clone Rey Za Burrel of ZAFT.


This model is larger than the GOUF Ignited, so it comes with more parts, which means more details for me to cover, needed a longer time to complete it. If you ask me, I don't think it's that difficult with more parts to mess with, because after all this is still a HG model, not as detailed as MG so it's still OK. I've nothing to complain with the extra effort, it's worth it!

Overall I'm very pleased to get this model. It packs with lots of weapons to play with (it comes with beam sabers but I didn't show it up due to it's excessive length), great build up and most importantly, one of my favourite mobile suits from Gundam SEED Destiny.  

I guess for now I'll stick with this model, maybe I'll be getting another model after I finish my A2 exam in Nov. Making Gundam models is fun!  :D

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