20 August 2008

Chinese Songs I

I seldom touch about Chinese stuffs in this blog, mainly is because most of the visitors came from English-speaking countries I presume (based on the statistics of the blog).
Anyway, I'd like to share some Chinese songs which I really like.

1. 张学友 “祝福” / "Blessing" by Jacky Cheung

One of the best songs sang by the "God of Songs", it's a song about farewell between friends & blessings. A very nice song I must say, simply love it!

2. 邓丽君 “甜蜜蜜” / "Sweet Sweet" by Teresa Teng

A legendary ballad, very popular among the Chinese community worldwide back in the 80's and even now.
Even if you dunno what the song is about, you can still feel the warmth in it, as if there's magnet in her voice. This is an absolutely a classic piece!
Too bad Teresa Teng passed away in 1995, she's still quite young at that time. :(

3. 周华健 “花心” / "Flower Heart" by Emil Chou

Also another well-recognised songs within the Chinese community. Emil Chou has been active in the entertainment circle for 2 decades and still going strong today.

4. 周华健 “朋友” / "Friends" by Emil Chou

This is the fans' no.1 song of Emil. A song dedicated to friendship, a popular track for graduation ceremonies or farewell parties. Another wonderful performance by Emil. This song is usually Emil's encore track in his concert too.

5. 巫启贤 “团圆” / "Reunion" by Eric Moo

"Reunion" is a track I discovered from a drama's opening. When I first heard it, I'm hooked up with it. The lyric talks about a wonderer's feeling of homecoming and meeting with the love ones again. It somewhat indicates that in order to achieve your dreams, you must not forget the place where you came from.

6. 吴奇隆 “祝你一路顺风”

I'd say, this is the most emotional farewell song of all. This song is much sombre compare to the other songs above, you can tell it by the cello, piano & harmonica intro.
First heard it when I'm still very small, still in kindergarten that time.
If this song is used at the right occasion, you can easily spot peoples sheding tears almost non-stop, heh. Best to use during graduation, convocation or farewell etc.

You may noticed that these songs are dated almost decades ago. Yeah, these are some old-timer's songs.

I think that the older generation artists are much better than the current generation artists, whom concentrate more on fashions & talking nonsense rather than concentrate singing good songs.
It's not that the current generation artists don't have the talent or the perfect voice, it's just that they do not make full use of their potentials, what a waste & shame.

I find old songs much better than the new songs, so that's why I rarely include latest songs into my music playlist, unless they're really good.

In the next post I'll be introducing a few more modern songs....

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