18 August 2008

Malaysia's Silver

Today's the final match for Beijing Olympics 2008 Badminton Man's Single.

Had dinner with family outside so couldn't watch the match between Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan live as the restaurant's TV can't broadcast local TV program. :S

Heard he lost the first round, and then trailing behind the opponent.

Eventually Chong Wei defeated by Lin Dan in straight matches. The score is 21-12, 21-8, totally overwhelmed.

Malaysians would be disappointed the only chance of scoring a gold faded away this time, but at the good side Chong Wei managed to secure a medal for the country, which is quite a good news too.

Both are great players, really, but I guess Chong Wei lacked the monstrous instinct to destroy his opponent. I would love to see if he plays in an aggressive matter, it would be a total different story then.

Then again, it's a job well done for Chong Wei, the journey isn't easy, he's made us proud to be Malaysian. Try harder next time! And should you face Lin Dan again, let him eat "zero egg" (零蛋) !!

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  1. I watched the match. Even though chong wei lost the game but he is still our hero! Haha,i'm thinking the same about lin dan=零蛋 too...