05 August 2008

Laptop @ College

Decided to bring my laptop to college since today I had lots of time to kill between the lessons.

Actually I wanted to transfer the photos and videos for friends from last week's Sports Carnival games, but then someone forgotten to bring my pendrive so I can't do it since everything is inside there.

Let's see.... I still have tug-of-war and volleyball games to update. I wanted to get all the pics and vids and then process it to be a short video-clip, post it up here.

I do have some random topics which I want to talk about here, well, something I can only write when I have the mood and inspiration to write it out.

The topics include local cultures, which obviously will be touching on ethnicity issues etc. Kinda sensitive, but don't worry, I ain't a racist or religious zealous, just my point of view on things happenin' around.

Life is great, so far for now.

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