03 August 2008

TARC SPUS Sports Carnival - Football

Decided to write about the football game first, since it's the first game played and I'm involved in it.

Our team pic, before the game started.


Last year there were more team, 8 teams in total. This year there's only 4 teams competing, so we're straight in the semi-final already.

Prior the game we've actually trained a month ago. Though not vigorous training, but still we need to practice to get used to the team and plan things ahead.

We're playing against another senior team, aka Vkey's team. We've trained with their team before so we somewhat know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Our friend recorded the opening minutes of the matches, so you could watch the game here. Our team is in orange jersey.

We scored the first goal, and the game ended 5-1. We're on the losing side.

This isn't our game obviously, being trashed at such score.

What can I say? Everyone seems to look disorganised when the opposition keeps on attacking. I had myself to be blamed too because I'm the keeper of the game. Of 5 goals scored, I conceded 4.  :(

Yea, my goalkeeping skills are doubtful. I know what to do but I just can't do it, seems like stuck on the ground all the time.

Actually I'm supposed to be playing on the left-back position, but they insist I be the GK so I obliged. Who knows, everything goes against our side.

The opposition captain, Vkey the man, scored a hat-trick if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't really aware of the goal scorers as we're losing badly that time.  :S

Vkey's team went through the final, but to everyone's surprise, their team lost 5-1 to a junior team. Those juniors are playing very good, saw them trash another junior team 4-1 before our match.

Hah, can't really slack around when playing on the big grass field. It is not as easy as playing on the smaller field.

This would be my last game in the college field I guess, I dunno when I'll have the chance to play on a big field again. I dunno whether my future university would have football field or not, heh. Anyhow I haven't decide where I'll be heading after this.

So this sums up SPUS Sports Carnival for football. More to come: tug-of-war & volleyball game.

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