07 August 2008

Kinda Disappointed

Sigh, these 2 days.... seems like things like to go against my will.

Yesterday went to Jusco to search for another Gundam model, this time is a Gundam Throne Eins model. Saw there's still stock of it there last weekend, but when I want to get it, it's out of stock, duh!

I don't really buy stuffs that often, and when I'm having the mood to get one, I will go for it no matter what. So it's kinda disappointed that the mobile suit just walk away in front of me.

Alas, today planned to play volleyball game with classmates after the last lesson, but darn the weather, unexpectedly rained heavily from afternoon to the entire evening.

Game is called off, obviously. We dont have much chance to play together anymore as the trial exam is not so long to go. Treasure all the opportunities we can have fun together, but the sky.... dropped the watery poo at the very wrong moment. Why don't you rain during the night huh?

Went home today only realised electricity is disrupted again, the 4th time over the year. I can't really do anything, so played Civilization IV on laptop awhile before the battery finally runs off.

Frustrated, called TNB to lodge a complaint, and then decided to walk out under the rain to check out the neigbourhood houses.

Weird, among the houses I've observed, a few of 'em seems not affected by the electricity cut-off. I do observed quite a number of houses opened the front door but inside the door is blank dark. Occasionally you'll see the tenant of the house sitting close to the door looking outwards boringly.

While walking close to the power station I noticed a TNB truck just arrived. The electricity resumed 15 mins later.

I'm kinda impressed by their efficiency, I just made a phone call 15 mins ago and now they send the technicians to check out the problem. Another 15 mins later the problem is solved. It's kinda rare to have such workrate here in Malaysia but I'm glad and happy with it.

Keep up the good work there TNB! And also, please reduce anymore possible electricity disruptions. It's not only affect my home, but also college too.
We used to enjoyed few years without any power disruptions but this year the electricity keeps disconnected for a few times already.

Hmm.... I know these are just small matters compared to what the outside world is. Well, just a little ranting here, it wasn't that bad actually.

Thanks to the heavy rain, my car is "washed", I thought I'm going to wash it this weekend but I guess I can hold it for one or two weeks then.

I couldn't get the model this time, but I hope I can get it cheaper sometime to go.

Life is pretty much unpredictable, and yeah there must be good and bad so that the equialibrium is balanced, everything must have 50:50 ratio for what the outcome will be. :)

P/S: I'm done processing the Sports Carnival short clips, will be posting it up tomorrow!

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