17 July 2008

What A Day....

0830: Woke up 30 mins earlier before the alarm rang.

0930: Left house for college.

0950: Hand over a gift for Val.

1000: First class of the day, Physics lecture.

1100: Chemistry practical.

1110: Received message from friend asking help for organising an event.

1230: Went to CIT to online.

1300: Went back to Chong Hwa to help friends to sort out their problem.

1355: Rush back from Chong Hwa back to college to attend the next lecture.

1410: Managed to get back when the teacher just started a bit. Didn't miss much thankfully.

1455: Drive my car to park at a better spot in TBR. Luckily there's a car just came out and I immediately slot in.

1510: Last lesson of the day, Physics lecture.

1610: Went to collect football gears and head to the field and play.

1635: Started to rain, but still keep on playing the game. Game under the rain is fun!

1730: Game over. Scored 3 goals, yeah! But everything is soaking wet.

1740: Fetch my mom back home.

1805: Went to pasar malam at Sri Rampai with sis to get our dinner.

1910: Reach home.

1930: Eat dinner after shower.

2030: Writing this post. Tired... zzzz.....

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