16 July 2008

False Alarm!

Things just happened fairly quickly within 20 mins, it was all out of sudden. Phew.... glad it's solved now, everything seems to be messed up at a moment, and then resolved in just a matter of seconds.

It starts with me finding a battery which I wanna recharge it, and then noticed the batteries are odd numbers. One of 'em is missing, checked the drawer where I kept the batteries, nope, no sign of it. Keep on searching on the other drawers and the desk, still can't find it.

Mother hand me a few notes for allowance, so I as usual take the wallet from the usual spot. To my horror, my wallet wasn't there! Was freak out because as an organised guy I'm aware of my belongings, and to see my watch is there but the wallet is gone, that puzzles me. Usually I would place the wallet and the wristwatch together, so if one of 'em gone missing I would notice it immediately.

Temporary abandon the search for the puny battery for something more important. I can't lost the wallet at this moment because it contains lots of important cards like identity card, student ID card and driving license. Without these I basically dont need to goto college tomorrow.

Was panic, search my car seat for any sign of it, not avail. Search around the house, still can't find it. OMG.

Called my aunt whether she accidentally took the wallet as she stop by our house moments earlier. Negative in reply. Sigh.

I was very stressed out, until my sis actually found it inside my mother's bag. (-__-")

Upon discovering this, I came up with a conclusion that my mom accidentally took my wallet and put into her bag while her wallet is actually still left on the spot. Since our wallet looks similar so it's possible that we might mistaken with each others.

Just after that while continue to search for the battery, she actually found the battery covered underneath pike of stuffs on the desk. Hahah! Double bingo!

It was a real, though momentarily shock as I'm very afraid of losing my belongings. Given my reputation of keeping things well, it's a real shocker that I actually lost things.

I just hate the trouble to find lost items, or lost any sort of opportunities. Hate and fear of losing things, I guess that is my weakness. It just simply struck me hard when that really happens, thankfully it's all fine now. :)

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