17 July 2008

Interesting Biology Experiments

Monday's Bio lecture class is interesting, we're doing 2 experiments to prove that how immobilized enzymes can benefit us.
That's in technical terms.
In a more general terms, we're actually carrying out a glucose dip test and a pregnancy kit test.
It is something new to us, as we wouldn't need such test for now.... Glucose dip stick test is to test the presence of glucose in the urine. If it's positive result, you're likely to be a diabetic or happen to have high blood sugar level. As for the pregnancy test, do I need to explain its purpose?
Ms Chong prepared the test kits, while 2 guys contribute their samples. Tang Yang the sporting boy volunteered himself, and then try to find another partner. He asked me but I refused lol. In the end Li Hong went with him.
Along the process he made lots of jokes that all of us couldn't stop laughing. That guy actually want to pee in the lecture hall behind the white boards! LOL.... funny guy. Ms Chong also couldn't help herself but can't stop laughing.
So the heroes went to the loo to collect the urine sample, and then tested with the glucose dip stick.
One of them's test result (negative). Do not think that is an apple juice... (~__~)
Ms Chong comparing the test result with the colour chart. Negative result.
Tang Yang with his "beer" lol.


Two different samples. Again I remind you, this is not an ordinary beverage!


A sample with positive result (darker result compare to the other 2).


Ms Chong testing the pregnancy kit. We've got a sample from a pregnant lady.


Positive result for the pregnancy test, result in 2 lines in the 2 windows.



Very interesting indeed. Ms Chong told us last year she tested the pregnancy kit herself. In the end she couldn't sleep for that night. The reason is pretty obvious and she doesn't need to complete her story, heh.

P/S: Bryan you missed this stuff on Monday! But you can see the results here.  :)

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