07 July 2008

Unusual Day

Hahah! Glad that everything is solved now! Phone's working again, yay!

After 2 lectures I straight away went to Low Yat Plaza. The journey took about 45 mins to reach there. Who says our public transports aren't reliable? Though it's troublesome to switch to different lines, at least the ticket fare cost cheaper than some other countries.

Left the phone to be fixed by the technician there. Says it's software error so have to reformat the phone. Luckily all the songs and pics are saved in the memory card so I didn't really lost much things.

Decided to browse around the mall while waiting the phone to be reformatted. In the end I got myself a Philips SHE 2500 earphone. Decided to try it after spending a year using Creative's base EP50 earphone. It cost RM 19, cheaper than I expected. Haven't really try it out yet, so can't tell whether it's good or not.

When the phone is done, I rush back to college to attend the last lesson of the day, Physics Practical. My timing was just good, I have 15 mins spare to get my lunch before the lesson. Missed Bio & Maths Applied lectures, but it's not so big deal because nothing much important covered today.

Parents has been nagging me to take the car for service and maintainance. Since the class ends earlier so I send it to the local workshop to fix it. Everything's done within 30 mins, now just wait for my father to pay up the bill, heh. I noticed the car consumes more oil before service.
Nowadays people is more concious about the car's fuel efficiency. Any defficiency will cost quite a sum as the fuel price burns a bigger hole in everyone's pocket compare to last time. Oh well, we're not alone, the world is being hit hard by this as well.

Anyway, am glad that everything is solved by today. Life could be a little easier for tomorrow, after today's hardwork. :)

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