07 July 2008

Uneasy Sleep

Automatically woke up at 7.40am, 20 mins before the alarm rang. Thankfully I've managed to scramble out of the bed myself instead of relying on the alarm, which can be risky as sometimes the alarm tone isn't strong enough to wake me up.

I think I slept sometime close to 2am last night, occasionally woke up awhile, so less than 6 hours of sleep, I can feel the body doesn't feel right if I didn't take care of myself at this moment. I hate to get sick!
It is a blessing the class starts at 9am, or else I would've problem getting myself up.

Later will be going to fix the phone.... I felt guilty bout skipping classes but at least I won't miss much skippin' them! At this moment my top priority is to get the phone fixed, else normally I would stay for the lessons 'til the end.

'til then, I've to prepare for going to college!

* Luckily the left foot's injured somewhat cleared, I don't feel any pain now. Phew! 'cause later I've to walk quite some distance from the train stations....

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