07 July 2008

Troublesome Phone

Just now after transferring files from the memory card, my phone Nokia 5310 seems to have problem.
Insert back the memory card, boot it up. Ended up a screwed screen. It stuck at the screen where you set the time and date, and then the screen just went blank.

Had no idea what's wrong, gonna take the phone to the phone dealer in Low Yat Plaza, sigh.... troublesome.
Planned to skip a few classes tomorrow around noon in order to get the phone fixed ASAP.

Now my solution is separate the Nokia 5310 function into two.

For the phone function, I'll just simply put in the sim card into the Nokia 1110 I previously use.
As for the music player, I'll count on the Creative ZEN Nano Plus, which I'm quite satisfied with it (except the memory size which I regret now). I abandoned it after I got the Nokia 5310, since the built-in music player is good enough to satisfy me. Shees, I just simply can't live without music!!

It's 1am now and I haven't sleep. Although tomorrow's class starts at 9, I suppose to be sleeping now. Blame it on the 3 hours nap I took in the evening. It's just exhausting after spending the entire morning on futsal.

The make the matter worse, during the morning game I got my left foot injured again, at the same spot by the same guy again.... Don't wanna blame my mate, because I just simply block the ball at an awkward position. I just hope the injury will ease off after few days.

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