05 July 2008


Heard of Otaku (御宅族) this term? It is actually a term in Japanese referring to people who're obsessed with anime, manga(comic), games & idol etc fanatically. It can also be used to describe nerdy and geeky people too.

Typical otaku's room.

I find myself being more or less an otaku now. I've been following quite a few manga lately, and now I'm rewatching Gundam SEED Destiny again since there's no fresh Gundam actions. Gundam 00 season 2 will only available in October, still got few months to wait.

Impulse VS Freedom

As for manga, I've been catching up the latest Naruto episodes every week. Sometime I read back earlier chapters to refresh some of the storyline and the character's development.


Do you think those stuffs are just merely time-wasting and energy-consuming? It's just for the sake of pleasure and entertainment? Either way, there's something that worth we take note of, and to learn how to see things from a fantasy world's perspective.

Yeah, there's no doubt that everything in the manga or anime is purely fictional and artificial, made up by those artists and the plot doesn't exist at all in the reality. Whatever happened in the manga/anime, will not affect the real world.

One of the most significance part I like about all these stuffs is the music. I previously talk about 2 Japanese composers, Joe Hisaishi & Nobuo Uematsu. Both are excellent composers and I believe there's still more great composers out there yet to be discovered. These 2 figures are not strangers to the otaku circle, many of their fans are otakus as well. Music composition for otaku is a lucrative business I tell you, it's no kiddy stuffs.
You can check out some of their works by clicking their names which will link you to post that I've written about them.

Actually I learn quite a lot of things from reading all the comics and watching the animes. Some of it are not as simple as you thought, there are points that worth we took into consideration that can be compare or applied to our world.

Sometimes I take the plot and settings of the manga/anime as a simulation on what could the people would do given the current world fall into a state like that. Normally people wouldn't think about it, but should anything happened in the real world, we might as well take a few advices and inspirations from those fictional ideas that could be useful at the given situation.
I can't quote any notable examples here, but there's posibilities that we could learn one or two strategies from those fictions.

After all, creativity and imaginary is part of the process to came up with solutions, isn't it?

There's a problem to deal with the fantasy world though. Sometimes those world is too good to be true, and some people couldn't justify for themselves to differentiate the reality and the fictional world, which they confuse that the fictional world is the reality, while the real world around them is just an illusion and ignore it. t

We've seen in serious cases, those people could go nuts with their mind and ended paying up their precious life on something that doesn't exist at all. Though this is extremely rare in Malaysia, elsewhere in Japan or some other countries it is not something fresh.

These kind of unnecessary stress can be avoided, if one is clear with what's going on and think properly to take any actions into consideration. They must believe the fact that what's inside the fantasy world is not practical, appropriate or really works it out.

Yea I do speak of possible turning tips and tricks in the fiction used in real world, but of course you must have common sense to utilize it (sounds contradicting myself lol). Even in the real world, it's not everything could be useful or worthwhile also. There's more factors that we have to take into considerations too, before deciding what action should be done.

Talk about manga/anime, the storylines will never fail to introduce romance theme in it. I dare to say almost 99% of the manga/anime I came across would touch onto this section, especially the protagonists. There's the element of surprise and suspense that will makes everything much livelier and interesting.

Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne, one of the couples from Gundam SEED series.

I for one, sometimes fall for this. The relationship between the couple in the storyline seems to be too good to be real, I have the thought that how good it will be if this really happened to me, I'd be very happy then.
The truth is, reality is cruel and harsh, and one have to face it no matter how you deny and ignore it.

Romance in the fictional world seems to be the perfect couple, or a few choices for the protagonist to choose from. Sometimes it's very exciting to follow the storyline, because we're eager to know who they would end up together.

Well most importantly, no matter how real the story sounds to you, don't get too carried away by the fantasies' influences. The best is to enjoy all the stories while sticking your feet on the ground. :)

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