28 June 2008


Natural instinct awakes me early this morning. I knew I've something to do today, so I wake up 45 mins before my alarms rang. Yep, alarms, not just two, but I've set 3 alarms in total! Well just in case you know.... overslept isn't my habit bit it does happened before. :S

Reached SPUS around 8am. Today is actually the parents-lecture day, where the parents will be coming to the college to have a dialogue with the lecturers regarding their children's studies. My parents didn't know about this as I hijacked the letter. Besides, I know my parents wouldn't have time to come to the college to be "lectured" by the lecturers. :)

The reason why I turn up in SPUS is because I'm helping the SMS (Science & Maths Society) for their science exhibition. Though I can only help them for awhile, but yea it's better than none isn't it? Was kinda surprise to see everyone's settin' up everything so fast, and all the booths are packed with lots of stuffs. Now this is something interesting, the science exhibit in school last time is nothing compare to this SMS's science exhibit!

I felt a bit awkward I'm the only white-shirt there as the rest of them are in the black SMS t-shirt. I haven't get mine, and chose the wrong colour instead. :S
I didn't take any pics from there, probably will take some pics from Bryan since he's the official photographer of the day.

I helped them a little while until 9.15am when I received Yin Wan's call asking me to attend the CGS gathering at Sports Complex. Hmm.... was little bit of distance walk from south-west to the north-east, but nevertheless I still made it in time.

Last year I somehow signed up as a member of CGS (Career Guidance Society), though this is the 2nd time I join their activities. It's like an annual gathering for society, to welcome the newcomers and let everyone get to know each others. It's about time to pass the baton to the next gen....

Played the ice-breaking games with them. I "won" the firs game by losing my shoe. In the end have to go on stage do something silly to get the prize and my shoe back.... (-__-"). Anyway was grateful with the prize, Munchy's cookies, nice.

Stayed up for the gathering til the afternoon. There's this DISC talk presented by the speaker Mr Alan See, the same guy who gave the workshop last year which I attended. Since I've attended the workshop before, the presentation was introduction for the new members to attend the workshop on next week.

Had a lunch at the cafateria, was quite good although limited choices of dishes. Chit-chat abit with Yin Wan before moving on to SPUS again, to check things out whether I can help them out to clean up after the science exhibit. I actually wanna stayed up for the CGS gathering til the end but thinking that SMS there might need someone to help them to clean up so I went there then.

Apparently they're almost done with the tidy up, so I have almost nothing to help there. Just when I'm decided to head back to join CGS's activity again, father called, asking me to get back home ASAP to wait for a parcel. Oh well, looks like I'm done for the day. The time is just around 2pm, still a little early to head back home lol.

Well, both side's activities are kinda fun, just too bad I couldn't follow both 'til the end. Sometimes I wish I could summon shadow clones, just like Naruto.... kage bunshin no jutsu! So that I can attend different events at one go!

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