27 June 2008

Football Training

While walking in the corridor to attend the last lecture of the day, I saw Martin brought his boots together, so I asked whether the gang is having a game or not. Usually I ask them to play, but this time kinda surprise to see they planned ahead of me.

They wanna practise for the coming Sports Carnival, and I wanna join them too. Last year joined, but was trashed out of the tournament at the very first game.
This time we have a proper team and we know most teammates quite well as we played together for quite some time already.

After the Bio lecture at 1pm I rush back home to get my gears and then head back to the college straight away. Was very lucky to have a vacant parking space not so far from the football field.

At first they wanna play me as the keeper as they've yet to decide the players. But they decided to try me for the defenders. We have players that could run in different roles so we're sorting out the positioning.

In the end I settled down myself in the left-back. They say that I'm suitable to run on that side since there's 2 stocky-build centre backs already. So now, the back 4 is almost settled, R-L: Jeffery, Guna, AK & me.

Personally, I knew that stationed as CB is not really my best position but worse come to worse at least I still can take that role if needed.
For LB, heh I can only think of Philip Lahm, who's a successful right-footed LB for Germany & Bayern Munich. I just hope that I could slide tackle someone during the game. >:)

For the other roles they haven't decide yet because today not all of the players are present. For weeks to come we will have similar training again from time to time. I hope that more players would turn up so that we could build our team before the registration begins.

It is important to train everyone earlier as we're racing ahead of our opponents. So far I only saw the other SPUS football team but how good they are, we'll find it out on the game then.

I dunno when the Sports Carnival will be held. My mind told me it's in July but checking last year's post I realised it's actually in August. Anyhow, have to be mentally and physically prepare for it.
This time we're going to win the tournament! :D

Training can be exhaustive.... right now I'm not really in the mood to do anything else. It is still too early to go for sleep. Tomorrow still have to go back college for some activities so I don't think I can had enough rest, unless I not going for Sunday's futsal game then. I'm tired.....

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