26 June 2008

Financial Management

I guess people around my age should be aware of the money figures now.
I used to have no clue about the financial figures at all, when the adults discuss the car or property cost how many Ks, I have no idea how much it cost because I can't relate it to something valuable I know by that time.

Now, I'm clear with most figures, how much everything cost and how much one should spend and so forth. I have to learn all this by myself since a person will eventually have to learn how to deal with this when you're getting older.

I didn't take any economy-related subjects at all, though I found it more useful than science since you can apply the economy stuffs pretty direct, as oppose to science which needs you to carry out experiments to prove the result.

I am aware that at this age I shouldn't be rely on parent's financial assistance for most of the time. I'm big enough to work for my own life, but since I'm studying I can't really go on working, not even part-time.

Other than working for part-time job during holiday breaks, I did earn a little through blogging. I may have mention it, yea I do earn a sum of money online via advertisement. It's working pretty well for me,

I don't think it's nice if I disclose how much I actually earn, but it's good enough to cover my AS exam fee. It doesn't cover my course fee tough, if I could I would have pay for my own course fee already.
I don't wanna put on more burden on my parents, so if I can pay it for myself I'll do it. Now I plan to save up the money to pay for my A2 exam fee, which fortunately cost lesser than AS fee, phew!

I do admit I spend quite a lot especially during the PC Fair. That is the only time when I flush most money down in one go. Now I'll have to plan a budget for upcoming August PC Fair, argh.....

Currently on the list is an Altec Lansing earphone which I saw last time. It doesn't cost that much thankfully, less than RM 30 for a good quality earphone.

Yes, as an audiophile I will try to get the best gears around so that I can enjoy listening to music as the best quality I can afford. So far I'm satisfied with the Philips headphone I using for computing.

For now I've to spend money wisely for the rest of the month. Starting from August I'll have to spend a lot again....
Thankfully there will be a paycheck in July so I'll probably get hold of the hard-earn cash before August, hopefully. :)

So, do you have any sort of financial plan for yourself? For a long-run, it's extremely important to have a basis for managing your own finance. If you have one or two tips, feel free to add it here. :)

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