26 June 2008

College's Computer Lab

These days I spend quite a lot of time in the college's computer lab because after I dropped GP.
I realised I had lots of time to kill. Sometimes I even have 2 hours free time, which I spend 1.5 hours inside the computer lab. Hmm....

I dunno whether I spoke about this before, that if you want to get a place in the lab, you have to be at the right timing. It is still possible to get a place even in the peak hours (12-2pm), if you go in at the right time.

For me, I usually will go there 10 mins before the hourly mark. That time, there'll be people coming out from the lab as they might be heading for the next class or do something else. That time you can easily get to use the computer very fast.
More than 5 minutes after the hourly mark, you'll be lining up with the rest of people waiting their turn to use the computer. You may have to wait up to 15 mins or more before your turn though, so it can be pretty time-wasting Q'ing outside there while looking people surfing.

Inside the computer lab I believe there's more than 200 computer units here, and during peak hours the occupancy rate reaches the max.
Furthermore, some may complain that the network speed is very slow due to the large amount of web-surfers.

The computer lab is divided into 3 rooms. The first room is the biggest, hosting more than 100 computers, while the other 2 is much smaller, roughly 20 computers per room. Those smaller rooms are mean for computer lessons.
I found out that all 3 rooms are having separated networks. Since those 2 smaller rooms are serving less computers, so the net connection is pretty smooth and the loading speed is still acceptable. As for the first room (which I'm using now), it is not as bad as last year, the pages still loads but at a slower pace, better than not loading at all.

Another thing I like is the headphones here, I simply love to listen my music collection with the headphones! It may look worn off after being used by the students all the time, it still delivers good sound. I recommend this Philips SBC HP195 if you're looking for a good headphone.

Time's almost up, will talk about college stuffs again next time, ciao for now.

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