08 July 2008

College Trip?

During Bio lecture Ms Chong asked for our opinion regarding organising a field trip for us ABC class lecturemates. It's been quite a hectic life as we're having lessons and exams through out the year, so Ms Chong decided to give us a break by organising such trip to be exposed to the nature.
As a city-guy, I'm looking forward to it!

The initial suggestion is goto FRIM, which is located just 30 mins from college. Since there's the clash in time, so we're asked to think of any other solutions. Besides, some of the lecturemates are regular visitors to FRIM so not many of them would wanna go there. I went there just once, and that time I don't have much time to explore the forest.

In the end we came up with suggestions to Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill. Both are hillside retreats, one is highly commercialised while the other one is more relaxing. Either way, we've to spend at least 1 night there.

Ms Chong actually wanted to make a day trip, but since we requested for it, she'll have to ask the head of school then. It's quite hard for her alone to manage more than 50 students at one go, so we'll need another lecturer to go along with us. Mr Low seems to be reluctant to go when Ms Chong brough up this matter, so I guess it would be our job try to persuade him to go with us.

Anyway if he really can't make it, at least I think Mr Yap or Ms Ong would be OK to follow us along since we're getting along well with them, just that maybe we'll have to compete with Mr Yap for the food, heh.

'til now we dont really know where we'll be heading, according to the plan it'll be sometime around Sept, just 1 month before the A2 exam. Hmm, it would be an exciting trip if it really works out.

Am looking forward to spend the final time with friends before the deadly exam! :)

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