28 July 2008

Bat Guy VS "Serious" Clown VS Twisted Luck

If you've watched "The Dark Knight", you might be familiar with the descriptions I mentioned in the title, heh.


Last Friday went to KLCC to catch this movie with Theng Tsing, don't wanna go watch alone again as it'll be rather dull. I need a company.

After finish lesson hop up LRT to KLCC. Collect the booked tickets. Noticed that now the ticket price is RM 11 rather than 10, WTF!

Since we still got quite sometime to spare so decided to go Sushi King to had our lunch. We ordered the sashimi set meal which cost RM23 each. Pretty good deal since we wanted to try sashimi, heh. The good is it comes with tempura too!


Movie starts 10 mins later than stated, never mind then. I've used to watch the trailers and ads before the movie begins. Noticed Star Wars The Clone Wars animation trailer, am a fan of Star Wars but I don't think the animation will be as good as the real movie though.

I shall be writing things bout the plot and spoilers from this onwards, skip it if you don't want to be spoiled.

The story in Dark Knight is continuation from Batman Begins, at the very end of Batman Begins already hinted that Joker's involvement in the new movie.

joker card

Like most people said after watching the movie, the Joker rocks! Heath Ledger's performance in the movie is brilliant! Too bad he couldn't live up to receive his award though.

Storyline-wise, it's kinda exciting to follow the heroes running here and there fighting crime, and to bust the mastermind behind everything, which is the Joker. The plot is pretty much straight forward as the Batman and Gordon are rushing here and there to capture the evil.

Technically, Batman's equipment is still as cool as usual, like the reincarnation of the Batmobile into the Batpod. I do however, felt for the Lamborghini Gallardo used by Bruce Wayne which was crushed badly in the scene. I know this maybe fictional but to see a car that worth millions crush like that, ouch!


It's kinda sorry to see Harvey Dent/Two-Face turn from a "white" character to a mixed up character. I think his role in the movie is apparent at the beginning, but after he burned his face, things went ugly for him. His demise at the end of the movie isn't handled that good though, it feels like it's too easy to get him killed by falling down from the building, as oppose for Batman who suffered a bullet wound in the stomach, managed to stand up after falling down together with Harvey Dent.


Overall I left the movie theatre fully satisfied. Thumbs up from me yeah!

Definitely one of the best movie I've ever watched! I'm definitely wanna rewatch this movie again!

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