28 July 2008

Black Out

Bio lecture just started a few mins around 9am, Ms Chong was going to show us a video clip, and pop, there goes the electricity. A very bad timing huh.

Now now, this isn't the first time already college suffer from sudden black-out already. Last year happened once, oh boy that day was unforgettable!

Causes for the current disruption was unknown, but my sis back home also experience the effect also. Is it because the college forgotten to pay electricity bill?

Followed the guys down to TBR for early meal. Electricity supply is normal, but have to wait for quite awhile to get my noodles served.

Wonders around in the college park until 12 sharp. Mr Low is in the lecture hall already but only a handful of us are there, class canceled. Waited awhile until 1230, power's back. Decided to head to CIT lab as I'm pretty sure it's still empty.

Online awhile 'til 1330, head back to lecture hall for Applied Maths lecture. Only half the lecturemates turn up, most of 'em went back already.

Last lesson of the day is Physics practical. Nothing much to say bout it. After that went to had my lunch again, and then another round in CIT lab.

Just when I settle down with a few clicks, the electricity tripped again. It's amusing to see the people's spontaneous reactions when this happened, many cursed. I guess many of 'em are frustrated as they might be doing assignment or so, and forget to save.
A rule of thumb for you guys, Ctrl S is your best friend so make full use of it often!

No electric = no computer = can't online. I've no reason to stay inside CIT lab.
I get out to prepare for the coming football match.

As for the football match I'll further elaborate in the next post.

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