27 July 2008

Pre Football Match

Tomorrow's the day I've been waited since last year! SPUS Sports Carnival! Yeah!!

Better don't be too excited yet, 'cause tomorrow first class in the morning would be Pure Maths test. Thankfully Mr Yap took over the lecture for it, else I would be in trouble to catch up with the lesson. Hopefully I will do fine in the exam.
I do not want easy questions, but something that I can do.... that's all I ask for.

Hmm..... heard that the first team we're playing is quite a good team. My team play with them before and we're quite evenly match.

I'm concern whether I'll be the keeper or left back. They're quite certain I'll be in the first team, but our keeper isn't that good so they may place in between the bars though.
I think I play better on the field, regardless of what position I'm playing, but to be a GK is kinda limit my potential, heh.

On the good side, my old boots are fixed by the cobbler, got some stitching done and it's playable again.
So now I got 2 boots to choose from. Personally I felt that the calf-leather boot is better than the synthetic-leather boot. I hope it would last for sometime to go. Now I don't have a reason to get another new boots. :)

I think that's all for it, just wish me luck in tomorrow's competition, yeah!

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