17 June 2008

Writing from college again

Yet another empty slot in the lecture hour, Ms Chong's on MC today, got
an extra hour to spend after lunch. I've been surfing net here since
12:40pm. :)

TARC is so crowded as the new intake students are flocking into the campus. By comparison, this year's students intake is significantly more than last year. Most of the new students are 90-borned, a round-up number which some parents think is good to have a baby? Anyway, wait until 10 years to come, when the babies of year 2000 will surely burst all the spaces in everywhere.

Morning commute to the college has been busier than ever. Nowadays the main routes (Jln Genting Klang & MRR2) connecting to TARC jammed up as early as 7:30am. If I saw the jam is building up when I get down from MRR2, I'll detour to another longer route to the college.

Another frustration of driving to college is that the parking lots are taken up more earlier than before. Now I wonder where I could park my car for the days that classes starts later at 9am. My usual spot under the LRT track is occupied, and TBR is all parked-up.
The solution I figured out now is to park deep in the TBR residential area. I don't mind walking a few more steps to the college, and also it's a trick to avoid the police from summoning you (which cost RM50 if not mistaken, blood suckers).

Having to spend the last 6 months in the college, felt that the time passed very fast. It's just like yesterday when we're introduced by the lecturers, about the lessons and exams, and now we're 50% done with the course already. Very soon we're leaving the college to pursue our further studies either locally or overseas.
Sigh, it's quite disheartening to be departing with friends whom we just got to know just recently.

Almost time for the last lesson of the day, I shall end the post here.
Good day to everyone. :)

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