18 June 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3!

This morning checked my mail, and found this in my Gmail....

Announcing Firefox 3 Download Day 2008!

There's been the record-breaking attempt to score a Guinness World Record, for the most downloaded software in 24 hours. I decided to give it a pop and downloaded the 7MB setup file. Since I have to prepare myself for college, I didnt spend much time to check it out thoroughly.

Firefox 3 Download page.

First impression for me is that it takes a little longer to load pics, but performance-wise I can feel a significant boost in loading time.

When I get back home, I spend quite awhile to get familiarise with the new toy. I realised that a few add-ons on my previous Firefox 2 isn't compatible with the new Firefox, so decided to drop a few of it for now. However, I couldn't do it without Google Toolbar, the only toolbar I use. Luckily after an update it works fine again.

My Firefox homepage: iGoogle.

Other than the significant performance-improvement, Firefox 3 doesn't drain as much energy than it's predecessor. After surfing for quite some time, it's amazing to see the memory usage is just less than 90,000 K, which normally will hits up more than 150,000 K in Firefox 2.

I did mess up with an important feature with the Firefox 3, the session restore function.

sessionrestore1 sessionrestore2

This function is crucial, if I accidentally close the Firefox, or system error, at least I still can retrieve back the websites & tabs I'm surfing before the browser crash.

I dunno how on Earth I disabled this function while messing with the Options. I turn it off accidentally but I cant turn it on back at the same way. I have to check the Firefox support site until I fixed it by digging deep into the Firefox's system configuration. This is something we normally wouldn't touch as this is the core of the whole program. Am glad I managed to fix this as early as I can, if not I would be grumbling if I happened to need to use the function at the crucial moments.

I'm quite happy with the new Firefox, as I've been using it since 2004. If you're still using Internet Explorer (IE), I strongly suggest you switch your browser to Firefox soon. I'll wait and see what Microsoft will came up with the IE 8, due to be released in August.

Download Firefox 3 now!

Download Day 2008

P/S: By the time I finished this post, more than 6 million people worldwide had downloaded Firefox 3! Go forth for the record breaking!

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