19 June 2008

Talk about the other half?

I've to admit, so far until now I've no luck with this. This ain't the first time I talk about it already, I've spoken about it more than once in different occasions, which some are scattered around in the blog.

So you might wanna ask me, is there any girl in my mind now? Well yes I think there's one, a gorgeous & industrious lady I would say.

Who is she?
What's so special about her?
Why do you like her?
When do you started to like her?
Can I have a look at her pic?
Does she knows you like her?

For some reason I chose not to answer these self-questions. So why I post the questions at the first place?
Apparently today I learn a lesson from Mr Low, the concept of "5W 1H", which I used it to made out possible questions that people might be asking.

I've been telling myself when the time is right there will be the special one appears in my life. I have no clue when it will happened, but now I felt that there's this lady seems to be a promising
Heh, sounds like I'm choosing from a few choices 'eh? But I'm not. It's just a natural instinct, telling me that this lady is the one! OMG!!

I do not refer her as a girl anymore because she's no longer a little girl, and I'm no longer a little boy. A lady and a guy sounds more appropriate lol.

We're busy with our stuffs nowadays, basically having no chance to met her unless we made an appointment, which basically deal with the official stuffs as there's no personal space for socialising.
She's a tough lady, and has been going through lots of things and never seems to be let down by the challenges she faced.

Can't really met her like it used to be, but glad that she still looks so pretty when I finally met her lol.

Her b'day is not far from now, am planning what to get for her 'eh? No matter what is it, I just hope that she'll like it and will keep it nicely.

I did asked her about it before, and she blew the candle off. Well at least it wasn't that bad, she did it nicely so that I won't felt too bad about it. Heh, this is one of the characteristic which I admired, unlike some people, turn down the "offer" in a rather harsh manner. She's cool about it.
Perhaps, a better timing I guess? No matter how confident you are with a matter, if your timing isn't right, it's hard to get the plans worked, with the risk of ruining it instead.

One of the reason why I do not answer the questions is because there's posibilities that she might be here checking out at some point or so.
Another clue I can give is that she's actually linked in one of the many links I've placed in the blog. Good luck in the "treasure-hunting" if you're too free to roam in my blog LOL.

To put the few last words, I told myself:
"Don't dream of anything that could fall for you easily if you didn't work hard to earn it! "

I'll be cool for the moment, just like I said, timing is important. I don't think raising up the issue again will be a wise choice, at least until she's free from all the busy schedules.

With all the activities she's gettin' involved, I just hope that she can manage her time well for other things as well, especially studies. Well good luck to you then, my lady. ;)

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