16 June 2008

3rd semester commence

Today is the first day we "officially" starts our 3rd semester lessons. Actually 3rd sem started sometime in mid-May but since we're having our AS exam, so we don't have classes (or rather skipped it) for the entire month.
Today's the day when most people turn up for the classes, everything is back to normal. The lecturers started to teach, and we're given loads of photocopy notes again.

First lesson of the day is GP conducted by Ms Jess. Wasn't really used to having class with people other than ABC classes, this time P class students join in because sooner or later the population in the class will drop gradually by the time of August. Ms Jess discussed about abortion today, and soon will be followed up by discussions of related issues such as euthanasia and so on. Most of these topics are covered by Ms Marilyn during previous sem so I basically felt out of place in the class.

I'm considering dropping GP, because it isn't really worthwhile in my opinion. It may be an interesting subject to study at some point, but I just dont like taking the exam. Should I need an English language qualification in later life, I'll sign up for IELTS instead. To be fair, I think Ms Jess is a nice teacher, but too bad I'm no longer interested in the subject. I think I'll be handing in my drop-subject form within these few weeks.

Pure Maths lecture with Mr Yap is good, considering he's one of the popular lecturers among us. Thankfully he's teaching us for the last semester, we'll need his genius mind to solve those freakin' craze maths questions.

Mr Low didn't slack of a single moment in the Chemistry lecture. He first gave us loads of notes for this sem, then brief us about upcoming exam in July, which is just a month away from now. As usual he jumped into the lesson straight away after finish dealing with us about the tasks to come.

Ms Chong's back in the Bio lecture, but she didn't brought in any good news this time. Some fella upsets her while writing in the lecturers' evaluation form few months ago. There's a few students wrote negative comments about her which makes her felt that she should change the methods of teaching. Funny, since when the minority dominates the whole? It's just one or two comments out of 90+ positive comments and she's disappointed with us. I can understand that to receive negative feedbacks is not a good thing for anyone, for sure. Well that's how things going sometimes, I still think that the best is that she remain the same lecturer like how she used to teach us in previous semesters. I think she's a good teacher, but some do not agree. I dunno, it's up to the individual's choice to determine whether the teacher is worthwhile or not.

Ms Tan Vv made a shocking decision by resigning from the college sometime when we're still having exam. Apparently no reason is given though, making us students wondered why she resigned. Now that the Applied Maths lesson is taken up by a part-time lecturer Ms Chin, whom herself is an alumni of the college. Wasn't really concentrating in her lesson as I'm more interested in the application chemistry notes given out earlier today. She teaches the Newton's Law of Motion, something we've learn in normal Physics lessons.

Good thing about 3rd sem is that we no longer have to bring lab coat during practical hours as we do not need to conduct any experiment anymore. We did a Q2 sample from Physics paper 5 today. It looks simple, given the table with the data recorded in it, we have to interpret the data and then plot a graph which is already set its scale on each axis, find the graph's gradient and do a calculation to relate it to the formula given. Hmm.... I found myself in trouble to get the graph right because of the odd scale given. I guess with a few more trials and errors I will get it right. Ms Ong demanded us to score 15/15 for this part in our real P5....

Well that sums up my first day back in normal lessons in the final semester. I hope this sem will be much exciting than previous sems, because this will be our last sem before finishing the course by Oct.

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